why much of science progress happened in west?

speaking about India, few things which might went wrong in India are

-> caste system, basically opressed people to explore things, caste system is older than christ

-> again caste system, which kept people to be poor, when u are struggling for food, ur only thought is getting food, so obviously I won't question my existence even though I am super talented

-> caste system came out of Hindu religional values

-> We have gods for everything, which might stopped brahmins from exploring things or even thought there might be a guy like aryabhatta, bhaskara or ramanujan but this info didn't went to poor

-> No universities which takes information from greeks or romans, we are only learning from our own knowledge which might not be the best

-> also these universties only allow brahmins, again very less people are learning about this stuff, sadly lost potential

Everything I can think of points back to our religion sadly, happy to hear ur counter arguments

Coming to west,

-> the pioneers of science like thales, Archimedes, socrates, plato, aristotle, pythogras are not "Christian", they have similar gods like us, similar religion i think, but there is no caste system? so it allowed a slave to be a philopher (Epictetus)

-> somehow everything these guys wrote passed to whole Europe

-> Socrates got killed, reason being he is polluting young minds by saying things against gods but somehow people like plato, aristotle came out of his knowledge

-> so i think greeks, romans philosphys passed to next generations

-> then came christianity spread,

-> christianity allows studying nature, this allowed much exploration

-> I don't think christians ever burned texts. so knowledge passed

-> then came renissance period based on christian beliefs, which allowed studying art, science etc in universities

-> newton, galileo all are christian but they never got stopped by their religion 

-> in europe, there is always internal war between among empires, so heavily invested in military which might also helped explore things

again Christians attributed to much of the killings of pagans, its more than Islam as I read somewhere